If you live in San Antonio, TX, and happen to leave your house for an errand run or even a jog, you might notice many construction sites are in operation.   

These operations, be it housing construction, street repairs, drainage maintenance, or sidewalk construction, have been exempted from the county’s Stay Home, Work Safe order. Rod Sanchez, the Assistant City Manager, made these projects exempt due to their importance for the future of housing in the city. 

Now Is the Time To Build 

It may not seem like it, but with so many people currently working from home, now is the perfect time to work on your home improvement projects, such as adding a fence. A fence makes it easy to elevate and update your home’s appeal. One method, called horizontal fencing, is gaining popularity in the San Antonio area, and it is easy to see why.  This type of fencing provides sophistication with its clean lines and solid structural integrity while providing security to your dwelling.

Apart from being minimalist, the horizontal fencing method provides privacy as well as greater coverage for your property. Whether you deal with nosy neighbors or other people raking their leaves into your yard, this might be the solution for you.

Unlike the vertical fences in most homes, horizontal fences are aesthetically pleasing for both you and your neighbors, creating a contemporary and sleek object of admiration that everybody can appreciate. This is the excuse you need to renovate your backyard for future cocktail parties!

DIY or Professional Installation 

It doesn’t really matter whether you choose to build your own DIY horizontal fence option or have it installed by professionals. You could even add a few terrace plants and some vine plants for a homier and welcoming feel.

If you do decide to build a horizontal fence yourself, cut the rails to the desired length, then install them to the board. If you get stuck, there are plenty of resources online to help.  

Pro-tip: Consider adding extra vertical supports if you plan on using extra-long boards.

However, if you’d prefer to have your dream fence, consider getting the help of professionals.

Fencing Options 

Horizontally hung slats offer many personalized options. You can get creative with stained wood, natural wood, metal slat, and vinyl options. 

Vinyl panels are also a way to cut costs if you’d prefer a more affordable option. If you want classic wooden slats, though, you’ll have to choose between smooth or rough lumber. Hardwood is a popular choice. Many like Mangaris, but if you’d prefer a less costly wood, you can never go wrong with a softwood like Douglas fir or redwood.

Those aren’t the only options, either. When you plan how you want to build your horizontal fence, there is more than one way of approaching it. The boards can be adjusted for a smooth present-day look or lurched to accomplish a more block neighboring impact. Tongue-and-furrow planking will give the most security, with the boards near one another. However, including even a small amount of an inch between the boards can give a more open and far-reaching appearance without sacrificing your privacy or protection. 

For a daring look, try using various boards of different lengths to create a more contemporary- appearance for your front or back yard. 

Perhaps the best advantage to an advanced level fence is it outwardly grows your property lines, causing your encased space to seem bigger than it actually is. This means that it doesn’t matter the size of your yard; as long as you can enclose it with a fence, you can choose a horizontal fence.  

Don’t get left behind in the picket fences era. Upgrade your property today and make it the envy of your neighborhood!