San Antonio Fencing Security for Your Site

Although putting a perimeter around your construction site, remodel, or large-scale event probably feels like just one among many other details, it is nonetheless essential. Although many people assume that “a fence is just a fence,” there are various types of temporary fencing that are suited to different environments and scenarios. Aqua Blu offers many options for chain link fencing, and here we’ll give you an outline of your basic options and why they are important.

Temporary chain link fence falling

The Benefits of Fencing

The most obvious function of a fence is, of course, to keep out unwanted intruders. But it is important to realize from the outset that temporary fencing is never designed nor intended to provide absolute security. Even with barbed wire or an angled top, chain link fencing offers no guarantee against someone really determined to get in. That being said, even the simplest chain link panels are enough to deter the vast majority of intruders since most casual troublemakers won’t go to the trouble of trying to get through it. 

Fencing also provides a clear boundary and visual signal to keep the general public from wandering into your event or construction site. Although anyone could overlook or ignore posted warning signs, no one will accidentally walk through a fence. This is especially important for high-risk areas that contain building materials, heavy equipment, or other hazards, as keeping away passers-by both protects them from injury and protects you from liability. This is one of the chief reasons why temporary fencing is prudent and a legal requirement for most construction sites. 

Chain link fencing also keeps debris and loose materials contained within the site. For a long-term project that is exposed to the elements, all it takes is one good overnight storm to send scrap metal, insulation, or harmful chemicals flying down the block. A full perimeter of fencing coverage will go a long way toward ensuring that this doesn’t happen. If your fencing is equipped with a windscreen or shade cloth, it will also provide shade protection and a shield against dust. 

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Temporary Chain Link Fencing

Fencing Options in San Antonio

Fencing covered in shade cloth also adds a great deal to your site’s overall appearance and professionalism. A construction site, large-scale event, or similar project will generate a lot of clutter, and screened fencing panels will prevent all that from becoming an eyesore to the rest of the neighborhood. They also offer you and your team some privacy and prevent unwanted onlookers from gathering to try and see what you are up to. No one wants an audience while they’re trying to manage cumbersome equipment or wrangle sheet metal. 

Of the many types of temporary barriers available, chain link fencing is a superior option because of its durability, flexibility, and affordability. It is also compatible with many additional features to extend its functionality. Because of this, some firms will simply buy their own temporary chain link to have on hand permanently and install it themselves from one project to the next. While this can be a smart budgetary move, however, it also makes for potential problems.

Hire professionals for your fencing project 

As terrain, weather conditions, and local regulations vary across your different projects, you’ll find that you want different configurations and functions for your temporary fencing. As a result, it can quickly become burdensome to always ensure that you have the necessary expertise, time, and additional supplies on hand for an adequate fencing solution for each project. Hiring a temporary fencing service such as Aqua Blue ensures that you will get professional installation, as well as a customized solution that suits the unique needs of your site and meets the necessary regulations every time. 

Our rental fencing panels are made of strong, lightweight, American-made steel and adaptable to various needs without breaking the bank. We also offer dense rubber stands or sandbags to make your fencing extra sturdy, windscreens or shade cloth for privacy and weatherproofing, and specialized rolling or sliding gates to give your site accessibility as well as security. Whatever your needs are for fencing security, Aqua Blu is ready to serve!

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