The Best Uses of Portable Temporary Fencing in 2021

Temporary Fencing Around HomeWould you like to have a fence installed around your property or a temporary project but prefer not to spend a lot of money on a permanent fence? In that case, portable temporary fencing may be your best solution.

Temporary fencing allows you to keep prying eyes out. It also gives you the flexibility to choose how long you’d like the fence and where you’d like to move it.

There are different types of portable temporary fencing. They include:

Mojo barricades. These are made from aluminum and are very common at events. The strong metal provides security and is also lightweight, making it easy to move from one place to another.

Chain link fences. Chain link fences are also common at events. They are also used to set a perimeter around an area for safety purposes. Chain link fences are standard at construction sites.

Bike rack barricades. These barricades are standard at events that need crowd control, like marathons or sporting events.

Picket fences. Primarily used around residential areas, picket fences are great for keeping intruders from your property as well as keeping pets and children from venturing out of the yard.

From the above, we can see that temporary fences have different uses. They can be installed in almost any arrangement and can be reconfigured to suit your needs. Here’s a list of some of the best uses of portable temporary fencing.

Pool installation

If you’re installing a pool on your property, you will need a portable pool fence. The fence will be especially beneficial if the pool isn’t self-draining technology, which allows water to accumulate at the bottom of the pool and poses a safety risk.

Green chain link fence

Building and construction

When building a new home, most countries, by law, require portable temporary. Fencing protects the construction site against theft or unauthorized access, and the public is kept safe from any potential dangers.

Typically, builders provide temporary fencing. So, if you’re planning to hire contractors, ensure that they offer portable fencing in their contract.

If you plan to build on your own, then you should buy portable temporary fencing. Owning temporary fencing will save you from re-purchasing portable fencing every time you begin a new construction project, which can add up.

Having your own portable fencing also saves you from having to worry about extra hiring charges or penalties imposed on late returns.

Temporary Fencing for Construction Site

Helps control crowds

You’ve probably seen portable temporary fencing erected at large community events or music festivals. This type of fencing effectively controls crowd flow, area containment, boundary indication, protecting pedestrians, and directing outside traffic.

We recommend using banner mesh signage or printed shade cloth for crowd control.

Portable, temporary fencing is great for private gatherings and weddings to keep uninvited guests from wandering onto the premises, keep guests in one area, and create traffic barriers. Gates and handrails are excellent ways to complement the use of temporary fences.

Animals and pets

If you’d like to create a safe area for your pets to dwell in but aren’t keen on erecting permanent structures, portable temporary fencing may be a good option. Temporary fencing also allows you to fence off areas you’d like to keep your pets away from.

Creating a play area for children

Portable temporary fencing is an excellent way to create a play area for your children that gives them privacy and keeps them safe. You can use temporary fencing to create zones on your property, allowing your family to enjoy the back/front yards in different ways.

Baby gates

Children wander a lot, especially when they begin crawling, which means you cannot take your eyes off them even for a second. Set up portable temporary fencing like baby gates around the house to keep your toddler safe and away from any potentially dangerous things, like bookshelves.


Use temporary fencing to protect your yard and keep stray critters away while landscaping your property.


Use portable temporary fencing to protect your worksite’s integrity during a home remodel and prevent others from wandering in and getting hurt.

With so many options and uses for temporary fencing, it may be overwhelming to select the best portable temporary fencing product for your needs. We at Aquablu have extensive experience in supplying and installing all types of fences. If you’re ready to upgrade your property, we want to help you get exactly what you want. Contact us today!

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